April 3, 2016 – Mozawa Presents: Covers


April 3, 2016 – Mozawa Presents: Covers

Wow. This process was incredibly tiring, and incredibly rewarding. Museum goers stopped by, watched, asked questions, and engaged with our creative process.

mozawa covers
mozawa covers
mozawa museum of contemporary art


Has it all been done before?

I have the opportunity to collaborate with other artists on April 3 in the next installation of Mozawa’s Covers. This creative process throws together three artists of varying genre for seven hours to create an original, live performances (cover) based on a song. April’s presentation of Covers will be held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, 7:30pm! Check back soon for more information. See Mozawa’s website here.


In Mozawa’s own words:

Covers seeks to examine the question, “Has it all been done before?”  Can we collaborate to create a new idea from an already existing one?

Each month, three artists from different mediums will create their own live cover of a selected song. The song will serve as a catalyst to bridge the artistic barriers between the chosen artists.

In one day, these three strangers will come together to craft a unique live music video by combining their passions into one. And you never know, their cover might change how you hear the original.

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