November 2015 – The Magic Flute

magic flute

November 2015 – The Magic Flute

Friends, performing as an alien and a judgemental tree was an absolute pleasure with Petite Opera Productions. As the run went on, I got more and more creative with my make up.

Check out the progression!

Alexandra Plattos Sulack soprano magic flute

I have the distinct pleasure of performing The Magic Flute directed by Cathy Dunn with Petite Opera Productions this month. Show dates run November 7-8, 13-15, 20-22.

For more information or to reserve tickets, check out Petite’s Website: Petite Opera Productions.

This production features a world-premier updated English Translation for Petite Opera by: Steven Arvanites, Susan Baushke, Cathy Dunn, Homer Guillen, and Nathan Oakes.
Mozart’s The Magic Flute is a comic opera featuring Adults, Children, and Chorus.

:: If you love Mozart, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, comedy, great singing and stage performances, join us in Park Ridge as we peer into North Woods USA (somewhere near the Canadian border), and watch the comedy, drama, vengeance and magic unfold as aliens come to recruit humanoids to their cause! The show is packed with sci-fi/fantasy and culture references that will keep you in stitches. Watch for more info, and hold the dates now! This group of aliens and Earthlings will only appear 8 times before the crew of the Starship Vekran takes off on its 5-year mission!::

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