Meet Aerial Trollopé, III, esq (Alexandra Plattos Sulack). Aerial is known across the globe for her high-speed, high-energy coloratura hula-hooping abilities. In fact, during a recent tour in the great state of Wisconsin, she used her skills to defend a group of elderly women from a stray hoard of rabid cats. But don’t let those doe eyes and flashy lashes fool you— Aerial Trollopé, III, esq, is a fierce. Here’s a clip of her singing “Der Hölle Rache” from Die Zauberflöte with Forte Chicago.

Forte Chicago

Meet Sheila. Sheila ChaXakra is my diva persona with Forte Chicago. Together we are conquering the operatic improv/sketch comedy stage with high-flying coloratura and faux-contortion.
Photos by Kyle Mathews.

The Distant Flight of Birds

The Distant Flight of Birds is a series of original songs developed out of a six-week exploration by 16 Chicago-based artists and therapists around themes from the Grimms Brothers’ “Seven Ravens.” These songs are a meditation on the themes of the family cycles and our struggles to mend what becomes broken.

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